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Organic Produce Delivery Services (Community Supported Agriculture) in San Francisco, California

Signing up for a community support agriculture program, or organic produce delivery program, is a perfect way of going green. You’ll get to support a local farm, fill your belly with fresh, organic, healthy food and cut out the middle man (the Safeway, Ralphs, Lucky’s, etc. of the world).

Community Supported Agriculture programs are extremely simplistic. You, the subscriber, pay a certain amount per month, season, or year (your choice) and you get boxes of organic produce delivered to your door weekly, biweekly, or monthly. The box will be filled with goodies-fresh fruits and vegetables that are in season, organic, and locally grown! You’ll learn how to cook new foods, enjoy new fruits and veggies, and get your diet on the right track.

If you’re looking to join a produce delivery service, or CSA, in San Francisco, consider trying one of the following:

Farm Fresh to You

Capay Valley- 90 miles from San Francisco
Delivers to your home or apartment

Farm Fresh to You Community Supported Agriculture program is really an amazing produce delivery service. Every other week I receive the ‘regular’ box. I’m always receiving fresh organic fruits and vegetables, sometimes ones that I have never had before. The box comes with recipes too, which can be helpful.

While you are not able to choose every item that gets delivered to you, you are able to manage your account online to add items to an “exclusion” list. Whatever items you add to the exclusion list will never be delivered to you.

The customer service makes this CSA very easy to manage. If you are going on vacation, they will hold your deliveries until you return. Billing is done per box, so you’re never overcharged. Many produce delivery services require you to subscribe for an entire season, charging you ahead of time for produce you may not want or need. ongkir Jakarta Malang

There are many different produce boxes available, and the number has recently expanded. There are boxes that are perfect for all types of families-families with children, families that cook, families that don’t cook, etc. You can receive a box of fruit only, snackpacks to bring as lunch, local Capay Valley vegetables only, a mix of fruits and vegetables, and more.

Overall, I highly recommend this organic produce delivery service (CSA). If you want to try a CSA, this one is perfect because there are no commitments.

Eatwell Farm

Sacramento Valley, outside of San Francisco
Pickup locations across San Francisco and the Bay Area at large

Eatwell Farm organic produce delivery service is one of the most popular in the Bay Area. Because of that, there is a waiting list for many box pickup locations (but not all).

Eatwell Farm is similar to Farm Fresh to You, and other CSAs, but you will be asked to designate a pickup location near your home (or office); the produce box will be delivered there and you will be asked to pick it up during a certain time of the week. Delivery locations are spread all across the San Francisco Bay Area, so there will most likely be a convenient location for you.

Also unlike Farm Fresh to You delivery service, you will be asked to really subscribe to this CSA. You will need to choose between a 4, 12, and 26 week subscriptions. Every-other-week delivery is available as well.

There is only one type of box that is delivered each week and it contains 9-12 different items, and the organic produce you receive will depend entirely on what is in season. Unfortunately you do not have as much control over what is delivered with Eatwell, because it is a more traditional CSA. You do have the opportunity to have eggs delivered with your box, if you so choose.

Lastly, a really cool part about both Eatwell and Farm Fresh to You is that you can visit the farm! You can sign up for a farm tour to see the farm you have been eating off of, and even camp on the grounds in some situations. It is a perfect opportunity to learn about farming, sustainability, and healthy organic food.